Tech 4 Tots
is a great way to enrich your child’s experience
at your school. Computer skills are so essential in our society
today that it makes perfect sense to get kids started right away!

Tech 4 Tots is the ideal introduction to the world of technology
and computers for preschoolers through Kindergarten. Our
patient teachers will take them step by step toward becoming
computer geniuses!

You will be amazed at what your child learns!
Children at the preschool through Kindergarten ages are able to absorb so much. Developing their fine motor skills along with a love for computers and technology is a great way to make full use of their ability to learn at a young age.

Children love using computers!
Your Tech 4 Tots teacher will use this enthusiasm
for computers to motivate your kids, developing their early academic and social skills as they enhance their technology skills.


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